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Hi! I’m Jon, and I’m the hopeful sceptic here on Something Ghostly. I have a Bachelors degree in Science and Teaching with a major in Biochemistry, a Diploma in Science and I’m currently studying a Masters of Science, focusing on enhancing bone growth in ruminants. I’ve also worked at the University of New England as a teaching and research technician throughout the Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law from 2009 to today.
I grew up with parents who taught me to question the world around me and the weekly ritual of watching the X-Files, which sparked an interest in the unknown and I’ve always been more than happy to talk about the strange things that people experience. My education and background in science provides me with a healthy dose of scepticism and the knowledge that quite often things aren’t as they seem. From this, I have been known to try and capture electronic voice phenomena (EVP) from time to time, depending on how creepy the location is – sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to capture something that I can’t explain logically, and that inspires me to stay open and continue exploring the unknown. I want to believe in ghosts and the paranormal, and I hope the stories and experiences from being involved in the podcast will change my mindset. Only time will tell.


Paranormal Investigator



My name is Miguel, a psychologist fully registered through AHPRA. I hold a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and a Masters of Forensic Psychology. I currently work to support students who attend Catholic schools under the Parramatta Diocese, and before then I worked with students in NSW public schools. Prior to my involvement in schools I worked in the forensic field, first with youth and individuals with disabilities who were recently incarcerated, then with families who were at risk of losing custody of their children. Within my field my areas of interest include social skills development, treating aggressive behaviour, and systemic approaches to therapy.

During the first 7 years of my life I grew up in the Philippines, a country brimming with superstitions and stories of mystical creatures. As a child I was exposed to these through stories told by relatives and friends, as well as folklore shared within my culture. In addition to this, my upbringing in the Catholic faith continually fed my exposure to unexplainable phenomenon. My fascination with the supernatural continued to grow as I had my own supernatural experiences, and now as an adult I have a fascination with the occult and horror genre, albeit a wary one.

As a psychologist I believe that most supernatural phenomena can be explained scientifically. However I am open to the possibility of things existing in this world that we as humans are unable to perceive, explain or comprehend.